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  • Is there a free trial?
    Yes, we do! Everyone is entitled to one class. It is an introductory session to beginners. If you enjoyed your experience with Ascend Athletics and decide to stay for the next class, simply purchase the Session Pass at $48. Or try out our Kick-Starter (10-Pass) Trial Package *Terms apply. No obligations!
  • Do I need to book?
    Yes. Book your Trial here!
  • I am under 18 years of age, can I join?"
    We welcome you! We just need your Parent/Guardian to come down to our studio to acknowledge and sign your waiver.
  • What should I expect on my first visit?
    We strongly encourage you to arrive 15 mins before the class starts, to fill up the participation waiver and to change into your activewear. Duration of trial is only an hour. The introductory session will take you through the BJJ Fundamental class. You may choose to participate in our practical sparring segment, depending on your comfort level. Your entire experience will allow you to get a feel of our instruction, culture, and how it would be like training at our studio on a long term. Just relax and enjoy the Ascend Athletics Lifestyle - everyone is nice and friendly!
  • What is the ettiqute and rules I should abide by?
    1. Come on time, 2. Remove your footwear before entering, 3. Respect the studio's rules, 4, Rinse your hands & feet before class (For basic hygiene), 5. Do not enter the mat if there is a class ongoing, 6. No mobile phones, food and drink on the mat, 7. No photography, video-recording when class is in session, Lastly, smile and say Hello! To everyone on your way in. (You never know, they might be your partner in class!)
  • I do not have a Gi.
    Do not let that stop you from giving Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu a try! Let us know in advance, we will loan you one at a small fee. Subject to availability.
  • What do I need to bring?
    If this is your first time to a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu class, it will be advisable to wear a workout attire (e.g. tee, rashguard, etc.) under the Gi. Bring a towel if you intend to shower after. Cold drinks are available for purchase.
  • Can I trial with a friend?
    We'd love to have you and your friends come try out Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu together with us! Please inform us in advance to avoid disappointment. We allocate 3 Trial slots to each Fundamental Class, to ensure that everyone receives the safest and most dedicated experience possible.
  • I am already practising BJJ, can I book a trial for the Intermediate class?"
    Unfortunately, no. Intermediate classes are exclusively for regular members.
  • How do I re-book a trial?
    If you’re unable to attend the class that you’ve already booked, be sure to inform us 3 hours prior to the class start time so we can release the slot to someone else instead. If you are a "no-show", priority will be given to others.
  • What are the types of membership you offer?
    There are two categories of Membership Plans: 1. Term Membership: 3/6/12 month duration (Unlimited Access) 2. Non-Committment Drop-Ins: 1-session/1-month pass (Unlimited Access)
  • Are there other fees involved?
    Take note that there is a one-time Registration Fee of $80. Not applicable to Trial, Session Pass, and 1 Month Membership Plans.
  • Can I temporarily suspend my term membership?
    Yes, you may, if it is due to medical reasons. Document is required. The duration of suspension/extension depends on the type of Membership.
  • Do I need to book to join the classes?
    No, you don't need to. If you have purchased the Term Membership or 1 Month Plans, you can attend as many classes as you like without booking.
  • Can I attend more than one session in a day?
    Yes, we are delighted by your enthusiasm to train with us! Our Membership Plans enable you to enjoy the benefits of unlimited access to any of our classes. Trial and Session Pass are not included.
  • What if I am late for class, can I still join?"
    The safety of Ascend Athletes comes first. Warm up is a crucial component of our training; to reduce the risk of injury to yourself and to others, you cannot join the class if you have missed the warm up.
  • Are all classes in the Gi?
    Yes, that is correct. Except F.I.T and No.Gi classes.
  • What is F.I.T.?
    It stands for Funtional Interval Training. Depending on the week's objectives, it can range from H.I.I.T., to various types of circuit training and conditioning programs, focused on supplementing your grappling and fitness goals.
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