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68A Race Course Road

Singapore 218571


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Nearest MRT:

Little India, Farrer Park


Nick Duggan

"My son joined Ascend after participating in another martial art for 2 years, and the difference in the approach was remarkable. The guys at Ascend taught not just the technique but more importantly the spirit of kindness and joy.

This is often missing from other places. As a result my son really enjoys his lessons, he has made great friends and is developing his skills to be the best he can be but also with the humility and the code of BJJ.

Thank you Christian for all your amazing work and showing your students the true path by modelling it always."


Zheng Hang Koh

"Good gym, good vibe. Coach is knowledgeable and schedule is good for working adult and student"

Byron Pittendrigh

"When I first joined ascend athletics, I wanted a place just to exercise but after meeting coach Chris, he thought me so much more than just exercising. He is a really insightful coach that takes the time to talk to you to ask you your goals and help you achieve them. The seniors and fellow students are really kind and helpful as they show you the ropes.

Overall, if you are looking for a bjj gym that cares about the journey as much as the end result, ascend athletics would be the choice for you."
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